Minggu, 22 Juli 2012

Being distracted at the vey end.. (O.O)

been dreaming baout something for so long, its feel like u can reach it,
its just one step closer, but somehow everything seem so blur.
something new came to u distract everything u've been planed
it offer u a better things,
yup, thats what happen to me right now...
i never imagine that this would be so deficult..
"UNIVERSITY"  this word means alot, for a 17 yo girl like me get into college is something thats realy cool, meeting a new friend getting what u wanted, being independent, far from home, thats all challanging.
that is the exited things of being college student,, but i never thought that this would be so much confusing.
1st  we have to apply to collage going trough some enterance test
when u've done with it, it doesnt mean that u immediately being a a student in thats univ.
its realy frustating when u found that ur name was not on the list ,
then  i tried the second time when its planed very well .
something happened i was accepted in the univ that im not wantedbefore,
 but its offer me a good things,
its also offer me  good future.
so it feel like being in the part of the movie, wnen a girl  geting married  with her boyfriend and sudenly her ex come or someone thats totaly like her ideal type come and ask her to runaway :(
so maybe its how it feel being distracted at the very end
just wishing GOD would give me what the best for me...
we'll see..

Jumat, 13 Juli 2012

An alemantery school pict.

It was taken when i was in elemantery school.
W/ my friend linda n eng.
I was the one in the midle.

Rabu, 04 Juli 2012

Maya, me & endah.

It was taken in my bedroom,
When they came over to my house a few week ago.
We had lot of fun.
Love 'em so much.