Kamis, 14 Agustus 2014

Tourism, a New Hope for Better tomorrow for lombok people

 even that the word tourism was not new labeled to my place as i am living in such a beautiful island called lombok which located near the famous Bali island without a doubt tourism always surprisingly brought a development to the people. so a couple weeks ago, me and my brother were traveling to one of the newly famous tourism place which is semeti beach,  the place  is very famous lately in a social media, some photographer said that it is  a good spot for taking picture , the reason is  because the beach aside from its goods wave that loved by surfer the beach had side that surrounded by granit stone  which is very sharp and dangerous . my first impression about the place was it is such a private beach not too many people had came, it was not surrounded by luxury hotel or restaurant that make the beach still pure.
and once more tourism has such a strong influence that effect people life in a good way . why am i say that because i saw some local people build some place to sell food especially for foreign tourist which i believe much benefit them because some of the foreign currency had more value than local money. and i found that along the way to the beach the local people also plan water melon, pineapple which they freshly harvest and directly sold to the visitor, how efficient is concerning about the location that quite far away from market that's can be consider as an job opportunity to the farmer.
but what surprise me the most was, the kids that play around the location, some of them were speaking english it is surprising because english was not our mother language , and to be able to speaks some language is a benefit for people to find a job, some of them i also hear greeting one of the tourist from japan with japaneese language, this clearly a good impact from tourism, from that i know that tourism always bring a good impact for people prosperity, a devisa/income for country if it looks from a more wider perspective, a better facility, security, and education. tha'ts why tourism is appears for better tomorrow.